5 AWESOME LIFE HACKS #2 là bài viết mà chuyên mục Code Tân Thủ của website Chuyendonnha.net. Hy vọng 5 AWESOME LIFE HACKS #2 sẽ giúp bạn tìm được code game mà mình mong muốn.

In this video i will perform 5 life hack for you to learn and perform electrical stuff.1 – Sewing Machine Universal Motor to Generator.2 – How to make a Soldering Iron using Transistor.3 – Make a Giant Diode.4 – Universal Motor to AC Electric Generator PMA.5 – DC Armature to Electric Transformer.Mr. Electron 😍😎 = *SIMILAR CONTENT*DC Motor Videos = What’s Inside = Repair & Restore = Make Welding Machine = DC Converters = Electric Bikes = AC & DC Generators = Alternators = Lithium Tab Welder = Follow Me At -INSTAGRAM : www.instagram.com/mrelectron_youtubeINSTRUCTABLES : ===================================================—- Thanks A Lot For Your Love & Support Guys —-#mrelectron #awesomelifehacks #lifehacks #dcmotor #motor
Khi chơi game giải trí ai cũng muốn có được code tân thủ hay giftcode của game đó. Và bài viết 5 AWESOME LIFE HACKS #2 hiện được 274968 lượt xem và 2375 lượt thích. Chuyendonnha.net hy vọng bài viết 5 AWESOME LIFE HACKS #2 giúp anh em có được code tân thủ.

40 thoughts on “5 AWESOME LIFE HACKS #2 Code Tân Thủ

  1. Dragonrider616 says:

    Great work on the 20000 amp diode. I would have installed it in a more rigid casing, but this at least proves that it works well.

  2. Stavros .N (JR) the Engineer and Electrician. says:

    I,m Stavros .N and you probably have seen my comment in another video. I also don't like motors with bushes, but the dead spider was cool.


    pls make video on induction motor parts details, pole ,rpm, h.p etc etc🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Dimented Illusionz says:

    “I neveh like mowtows wiht bushes, but dihs one has bushes so, oh whell werr stuck wiht et..” …. Bushes 🤣 … Keep up the good work with your vids, you do good work, and I would like to get my hands in one of those Indian motows, cause that universal one you’ve got there just wants to keep on and keep on and keeeep onnn gettin’ it..!

  5. Travis says:

    ur not stuck with the bushes, shave them.. i mean screw those bushings, get bearings that fit, they make bearings the same exact size

  6. Doug A says:

    In your experiment your doing stage by stage increasing of speed ,how ? I see a motor two wire that exit but no other controls ,so what you using ? To increase speed ?

  7. hytrc ytghlkz says:

    The red crown nomenclaturally stretch because bolt contrarily tie absent a debonair team. rainy, accidental database

  8. Jack Handy says:

    Instead of using those heavy bulky junky motor magnets… Try using little neodinium magnets and install 6 of them and then see what kind of voltage you get…. If you can find the long slim neodinium magnetic bars… Use them… And WATCH…

  9. John Woody says:

    I would get "Ripley" to take a glance at the spider. Not to be mistaken with Ripley's but Ripley. Another thing I would definitely definitely don't go back wherever you got that engine at.

  10. Gheorghe Dan says:

    Ce rău este că nu înțeleg engl.că explică f.bine.FELICITARI SINTEȚI MESERIAȘ.

  11. paul maydaynight says:

    cool info, rather than use the noisy geared drills as the primary source, get a 12v compressor plus tap and make a simple cd tesla turbine with chuck to turn them, far quieter and less air required for the low 2000 revs range, give it a go.

    then with a large set of vertical compressed air bubblers and running water supply, make a 'trompe' to feed it the air as primary or secondary power source.

  12. Man Joe says:

    Hi, I would like to ask you about DC motor my 1016 24 volt, if I run this motor with 36 volt ,is it ok or can damage this motor, thanks.

  13. freddykugr says:

    as Wylie Coyote says often , Ahh dat skwoowy Roadrunner , i'll get him somday ,
    Well back to the ol drawing board ,

    things to do :
    place new Order from:
    ACME Motor Parts Co.

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