CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay Cách Chơi Liên Quân

CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay là bài viết mà chuyên mục Cách chơi game của website Hy vọng CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay sẽ giúp bạn hiểu được cách chơi game mà bài viết CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay này hướng dẫn.

CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS GameplayCALL OF DRAGONS is a new MMO Mobile Game developed by the same studio that brought us Rise of Kingdoms! CALL OF DRAGONS is seen by many as “Rise of Kingdoms 2″ and people have high hopes that the game will be good! The CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay revolves around picking your Faction, leveling up your city, and conquering the world of Tamaris. In CALL OF DRAGONS, players can recruit powerful Heroes, join an Alliance, and tame legendary Behemoths to use on the battlefield! Will CALL OF DRAGONS kill Rise of Kingdoms? Is CALL OF DRAGONS Pay to Win (P2W)? Is CALL OF DRAGONS GOOD? Stay tuned to find out more!#CallOfDragons #RiseOfKingdoms #MobileGames CALL OF DRAGONS Website: callofdragons.farlightgames.comCALL OF DRAGONS Google Play: CALL OF DRAGONS Facebook: CALL OF DRAGONS YouTube: CALL OF DRAGONS Discord: CALL OF DRAGONS Twitter: More CALL OF DRAGONS:”Call of Dragons Early Access [new city fresh start]” by Chisgule Gaming”Will Call of Dragons replace Rise of Kingdoms? [New game by Legou – makers of ROK]” by Chisgule Gaming”CALL OF DRAGONS – Tutorial Gameplay Walkthrough part 1 android IOS” by Hulksden Gaming”Call Of Dragons Gameplay Android”Chapters:0:00 CALL OF DRAGONS Intro1:10 World of CALL OF DRAGONS4:41 War Features: Ranged Combat, Behemoths, Barricades8:43 NEW Graphics & Fantasy of CALL OF DRAGONS9:58 UGLY Heroes in CALL OF DRAGONS13:36 3 Factions in CALL OF DRAGONS17:25 Will It KILL RISE OF KINGDOMS?22:44 Is It PAY TO WIN in CALL OF DRAGONS?About CALL OF DRAGONSSecond Masterpiece from the Developers of Rise of Kingdoms! Master Dragons To Rule This World!Call of Dragons is a multiplayer immersive fantasy strategy game with a captivating story that takes place in a vibrant land filled with fascinating mythic races. Explore beautiful 3D terrain, build your city, capture territory and fight off enemy attacks in an incomparable multiplayer experience.The end is nigh… darkness threatens to engulf the magical land of Tamaris. Develop your city, train your forces, and lead one of the land’s great factions—Humans, Elves, and Orcs—as you build your new order. Or will you wield magical artifacts and train mighty Behemoths as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your allies as a symbol of faith? The fate of this vast realm depends on the strength of your will.Strategy has never been this fun, and battle has never looked this good!GAME FEATURESTrain Powerful Beasts and Conquer the RealmThe mysterious and powerful Behemoths threaten peace across Tamaris. Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and even Dragons await! Team up with your allies to defeat them and bend them to your will!Summon your Wyvern Behemoths in the heat of battle to help your alliance turn the tide on the battlefield!Adjust your Strategy to Dominate the BattlefieldPowerful Hero Skills: Teleport across the battlefield, turn invisible, and unleash deadly attacks to seize the moment and claim victory!Deploy Flying Legions: Dispatch airborne warriors to traverse rivers and canyons and wreak havoc on your foes!Master 3D Terrain: terraced fields, waterways, ravines… master the terrain to launch powerful assaults and claim every inch of land!Uncover a Vast Fantasy RealmThree great factions and a host of fantasy races—Satyrs, Treants, Forest Eagles, Celestials, and more—populate the magical land of Tamaris.Traverse lethal mountains and rivers, cross huge deserts and icefields, and encounter awe-inspiring natural and man-made wonders.Travels across Tamaris are never dull, with random trade quests and exciting mini-games to discover.Build Your EmpireUpgrade, train, and expand to build a unique magical city-state!Train a diverse cast of heroes and equip them with magical artifacts to turn the tide of battle.Build a living city: recruit heroes and talk to them to uncover their stories and expand the game lore.Team Up and Lend A HandEvery member is crucial to your alliance. Each character’s contribution is visible, tangible, and notable — from the strongest soldier to the dutiful handmaid!
Mục Hướng dẫn chơi game của hy vọng bài viết CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay giúp bạn tìm được cách chơi game và trở thành cao thủ. Hôm nay bài viết CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay hiện được 12500 lượt xem và 380 lượt thích. hy vọng bài viết CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay có thể đáp ứng được nhu cầu tìm hiểu về cách chơi game của anh em.

30 thoughts on “CALL OF DRAGONS: Will It BEAT Rise of Kingdoms? Is It P2W? CALL OF DRAGONS Gameplay Cách Chơi Liên Quân

  1. Omniarch says:

    Are YOU excited for Call of Dragons? Do you think it will KILL Rise of Kingdoms? 🤔


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  2. Baluchon Baluchon says:

    Is the faction thing only same as civilisation for rise of kingdom and nothing else ?
    Or does alliances can recruit only one type of faction ? I havent played the game yet but i've seen players from different faction in the same alliance on videos

  3. Stephen Stowers says:

    Agree 100% about the character chapter of your vid. Probably why I won't play this game

  4. HeATHeN says:

    Yeah! Not really digging the looks on those Orcs! Not very appealing! I don’t even think I would be happy winning a fight with something that looks like a baby lol..🤦‍♂️…Lilith really needs to make this character! Look more like there ready to conquer….but I’ll give it a go!

  5. Jose714anaheim says:

    The krakens are spending so much money on rok that there wife's had no choice but to ask for a divorce 😅😅🤣😂😂

  6. Jose714anaheim says:

    Remove the factions so whales aka boomers won't get the advantage Lilith for the sake of the community

  7. Diego Sanchez says:

    You’re right About the characters fûcking wack 😂 but looks good definitely will check it out. But f2p though

  8. Kyle Picard says:

    I tried coming back to RoK recently. Got a few days into a jumper account and was reminded just how much of a grind the game was. I can't really do it anymore. I uninstalled.
    They need to make it less spendy than RoK. No other game makes in app purchases feel so pointless.
    Or CoD might just fix the lag, then RoK dies fr.

  9. Jimmy says:

    no way no fucking way hell no fuck to the no I just spent all of my money on rok then they idiotic developers were most likely stop updating rok and go focus Call of dragons then the game will die

  10. Jonathan Statham says:

    It's from the Sam developers as rok, so will they kill that game as well?? ROK is dying because of the developers so this needs to be answered. Please.

  11. Severus Alexander says:

    good preview thank you, i agree about how the characters look, i dont see them changing this, but if the game is successful it wont matter as all commanders available on release will be useless after a season or 2 if its like rok lol, right now im very hyped because im stuck in desert conquest kvk and i wish i could play something else honestly 😅

    Btw i expect this game to be way more p2w than rok, with its concept of seasons where things reset between seasons, doesnt it sound like crystal tech?

  12. Goose says:

    It seems you were impressed by the few legendary characters in the game, and unimpressed by the epic tier and really unimpressed by the elite tier characters. I think they did a perfect job marketing to someone like you then haha. You’re attracted to legendaries, and not the elite. I’m super excited for this game.

  13. Boss G says:

    I saw from some live gameplays that CoD have the same system of vip, bundles, daily bundles, supply bundles and pop up bundles as it is right now in RoK. So it's similar to p2w RoK but in a fantasy world.

  14. Note Duse says:

    I would love that RISE OF KINGDOMS be killed. And if god help that creators of Rise of kingdoms become poor shits without even food to eat. When you dont respect people from who you live, you deserve all the worst in the world.

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