FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 Cách Chơi Fifa online

FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 là bài viết mà chuyên mục Cách chơi game của website Hy vọng FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 sẽ giúp bạn hiểu được cách chơi game Fifa Online và Fifa 4 mà bài viết FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 này hướng dẫn.

1500 LIKES for the FIRST EVER Career Mode video of FIFA 14?Last week I attended the FIFA 14 Capture Event and was sent away with a bunch of vision from the game. Today I’m starting my barage of FIFA 14 videos with Career Mode!Follow mah Twitter here ► Subscribe today! ► The other YouTubers who attended the FIFA 14 Capture Event:KSI – Nepenthez – Calfreezy – TwoSyncFIFA – Kazooie94 – AirJapesFIFA – FIFARalle – Hjerpseth – MattHDGamer – Outro Music supplied by Monstercat!
Mục Hướng dẫn chơi game của hy vọng bài viết FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 giúp bạn tìm được cách chơi game Fifa Online và Fifa 4 và trở thành cao thủ. Hôm nay bài viết FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 hiện được 297519 lượt xem và 5766 lượt thích. hy vọng bài viết FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 có thể đáp ứng được nhu cầu tìm hiểu về cách chơi game Fifa Online của anh em.

47 thoughts on “FIFA 14 CAREER MODE GAMEPLAY! | Global Transfer Network Tutorial #1 Cách Chơi Fifa online

  1. Helena Winkler says:

    Carrier hostage develop suosu plan regulatory everyone reach southwest indicate might.

  2. Forced to take a picture with my wifes son says:

    Can u transfer teams in a regular career mode as a player. Cause i pressed transfer and i want to go to psg. The game told me that psg is one of the teams interested in me. So thats awesome how do i do that

  3. Sponsi says:

    This is probably one of the most idiotic changes – not revealing stats. SO FUCKING ANNOYING!

  4. ramairluvr says:

    Great video, MasterBucks.  As a new player of the game, your videos are a great help to me as I figure things out.

  5. Mafijix says:

    i bought a 5* judgment scout and 5* experience and i ask him the simple task of finding me a good striker in the bundesliga and the guy comes back with CDM's and LW's, in addition when you get further on in the career mode (2020 and onwards) you carry your budget over seasons i had 800 million and in fifa 13 i could of searched for the best players and signed them, simple. In this i have to scout every league and try and get lucky the masked overall is ridiculous and especially for lower league teams its impossibly hard to sign anyone. I hope EA remove this because from what i've heard the GTN is an unpopular feature

  6. alameano says:

    This whole scouting and transfer system thing is so confusing , I'm so used to drafts and trading players. Good video though helped

  7. Joonas Jäntti says:

    I have scouted marco reus completely i know his every stat and his price and theres no bidding or buying option for me??? Can someone help me

  8. Isa Nawab says:

    Hey guys, i just bought Taschi, but my squad was full, he accepted the offer and everything but I can't find him, can you please tell me where the transfer negotiations please

  9. Pen Thief's views says:

    GTN is irritating…. I don't play football manager because of the time consuming mirco managing of things…. So to piss me off they make buying good players very arduous on fifa… Hit n miss ain't the word and the limited scouting options means u get a lot of crap… I am Accrington Stanley and started in league 2 (very bottom of official national league) and using gtn with a few options and stipulating 'first team' quality hoping to find better players i found a large quantity of benchwarmers….. Baring in mind my team was half a star!!!!! We are talking having 55 rated players and finding players 52-57…. But thankfully sofifa still exists and thanks to gtn is no longer a pointless fan tool but now a massive player search 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Robert593 says:

    They should have a GTN option so you could go back to how it used to be or make it realistic.

  11. TheFearlessCorp says:

    but when i scout a player and i get his final report, most of his stats show and even his prize, but even though the report is complete his overall wont show!!! help

  12. bfestin says:

    Help! Do the scouts only suggest players who you can afford? I just got myself a 5 start scout for about 7 million but he seems to be generally sending me names of players from lower leagues?! 

    I am currently using Portsmouth and I'm finally back in the premier league. I even qualified for Champions League last season. All the more reason for me to find players of premiership quality and not League 2 🙁 

    Would be grateful for answers. Thanks

  13. xGoLdDoGx says:

    For the next gen I think Bucksy Boii should be wolves because they have had back2back relegations and it would be good to get them back into the premier league. Also they have a good youth 😀

  14. Blackjack 91 says:

    its easy to get world class player for free.. hahaha, their contract left 6 months and i sign for them free instead of needing to buy them for $50 million or above.. just wait for their contract to almost finish and sign them.. now got messi bale neymar in my team for free.. hahaha

  15. Tylemaker19 says:

    I HATE this. So at the beginning of the game, by my knowledge Messi could be as good as some random player in the MLS. How is that realistic?? EVERYBODY knows Messi is best in world so shouldnt he already have some sort of high overall rating instead of an unknown. So dumb and unrealistic. Unless I can view everybody in the worlds stats in detail, unlike FIFA 13. 
    @Gregory Van Der Vinne 

  16. mile panika says:

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  17. Khaled dinho says:

    i like this its pretty realisitc and thanks god u can turn of transfer in the summer..more realistic.

  18. Alan Gratz says:

    God, I hate this Global Transfer Network. It is WAY too complicated for casual gamers like me. Very disappointed in this development. I wish they would give us the option to go back to the old system.

  19. kominio says:

    The Winter transfer window which opens at January you must find players whose contracts are expiring in six months, to see that you are press x to the player to see transfer details and if his contract expires it ll be an option "Approach for pre-contract sing" under the other options "Enquire,approach to loan etc"

  20. Soham Datta says:

    i can't approach any players. why is this happening the approach to buy option isn't there 🙁

  21. Vergil Sparda says:

    i don't know what to say about career mode gameplay, in friendly matches the game looks good, realistic and playable, they pass correctly and they move well and realistic and it looks like a real game, but in career mode it looks all like shit, shit passes and shit movement, pc scores whenever he want, and it seems like i am forced to help him to score, wrong passes, wrong and stupid movement, i can't create a chance to scroe, i can't play at all !!
    is it me or anybody here faces the same issue

  22. Get Lucky says:

    I like the GTN system ideo but… its seems so rushed… it would be okey if i wouldnt know hes exact stats , but i should most defionetly know who the fuck are like top 10 players in the world atm -.- , was career mode fanboy in 13 , gonna be UT fanboy in fifa 14 i think

  23. Kieran Evans says:

    You managed to sign Lewandowski for 40 odd Million. I manages to catch him in the last 6 months of his contract and agreed a free transfer from Dortmund to Man Utd at the end of his contract… all I paid were his wages. That is a good deal!!!

  24. Petar Zecevic says:

    are seriously going to sit there and tell me that is better the old way with all the info and everything… This more real and twice better than it was… It makes you more of a manager which is a damn point I LOVE THE NEW FIFA… they made it so new and so sweet its crazy 🙂 love it 10/10

  25. Biram87 says:

    its a step backwards by EA that makes it more difficult buy player and provides very little information in players stats.

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